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Specializing in conducting clinical research studies that advance medicine and science. 
Asthma and Allergy Center of Chicago
Clinical studies help advance science and medicine and allow for new treatments to improve quality of life for many chronic conditions. Asthma and Allergy Center of Chicago specializes in conducting these studies in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner. 

clinical studies improve medical care

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25 Years
Performing Clinical Trials
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Secret behind our success

We are focused on efficiently and ethically conducting studies with a patient centric approach to safety 
Open communication
Organized and efficient staff
Experienced Doctors
Priority of Patient Safety
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How We work?

We make the process smooth for volunteers and for sponsors.


Learn more about what you can expect from our clinical trials. Learn more about the different ways that you can participate in a trial at Asthma and Allergy Center of Chicago.

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Whether you are interested in our participation in a study or you are interested in participating in a study, please call or contact us!
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